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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Does improved defense mean AFC South contender?

Should Jaguars fans expect an AFC South contending team with their defensive overhaul? Well...

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

AFC South Q&A: Does improved defense make Jacksonville Jaguars title contender? -
The Jaguars' defense will be much better, especially in the second half of the season, as their talented young players start to click. I'm sure a massive exhale followed news that first-round pick Jalen Ramsey would be back in time for training camp.

Jalen Ramsey is tired of your injury questions -
Jalen Ramsey had some things to get off his chest during the Tallahassee Takeover.

Braedon Bowman has a chance to make the final roster -
Braedon Bowman came out of nowhere during the Jaguars’ off-season program, including a circus-like, pinned-the-football-against-his-helmet touchdown catch in mini-camp. A good preseason could allow him to fill the Clay Harbor role, but better. "We like him; he’s intriguing to us," coach Gus Bradley said of Bowman. "We don’t have a fullback on our roster so what we’re still trying to figure out with Bowman is, can he be the guy that plays the tight end spot and then at times gives us the fullback that we like to incorporate?"