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FILM ROOM: Jaguars quarterback Tad Dickman

Jaguars Senior Manager of Public Relations Tad Dickman made his long-awaited on-field debut on Tuesday afternoon.

NFL Films was in town on Tuesday afternoon, hoping to catch some footage of Jaguars third-year receivers Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson for a feature set to air during the 2016 season. Instead, the cameras caught something even better.

A star in the making.

Jaguars Senior Manager of Public Relations Tad Dickman made his long-awaited on-field debut on Tuesday afternoon, stealing the show from his Jaguars teammates. The University of Mary Washington product has spent four productive seasons with the team, though his athletic capacity and roster eligibility had been kept secret up until his Tuesday debut.

If I had to guess, I'd guess that the team has been hiding Dickman's talent behind some made-up PR title in an attempt to develop him into a franchise quarterback. After his public unveiling this afternoon, it's safe to assume that Dickman will adopt fourth-string quarterback duties during Jaguars training camp this summer.

Dickman, never one to toot his own horn, posted Twitter video of himself dropping a dime to teammate Allen Hurns during today's throwing clinic.

Let's break down the film.

Here's the pre-snap set up. Wide receiver Allen Hurns lines up wide right. His route is drawn out in red. Dickman, circled in red, calls out the mike linebacker -- an unnecessary task considering there is no defense on the field.

Dickman sets up under center. An interesting choice, considering there is no center.

Dickman takes the snap and completes his three and a half step drop. He stares down his first and only read.

Dickman's throwing motion doesn't exactly start out at 90 degrees, but at least it looks a lot better than Tim [last name removed by editor]'s.

Dickman releases the ball as Hurns' break in the route, trying his best to fit the pass between the defenders he is imagining in his mind.

Dickman follows through, watching his lob descend down into Hurns' arms.

Satisfied with all of the work he has done, Dickman walks off the field. First down Jaguars.

Dickman had a good on-field showing on Tuesday afternoon. Still, concerns about the quarterback's raw mechanics and rumored unstable personality continue to be storylines.

Also he doesn't play football so there's that.

We'll learn more about Dickman's role with the team during training camp. Probably. Stay tuned.