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Who has the most player friendly-contract on Jaguars?

Yesterday we took a look at the contract that had the most value for the Jaguars. Now we look at who has the most player-friendly contract.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, we took a look at who had the most team-friendly contract on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Without a doubt, it was Kelvin Beachum, who could be the team's starting left tackle with only $1.5 million in guaranteed money, and taking up less than 3% of the team's salary cap in total money paid out for 2016.

But ESPN wanted to look at the flip side... who had the most player-friendly deal on the Jaguars? Again, it's a no-brainer: Malik Jackson.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Malik Jackson, DL

Jackson's new six-year, $85.5 million deal carries $31.5 million guaranteed at signing. Another $10.5 million in guarantees kicks in if Jackson remains on the roster in early 2018. That is sensational money for a player with 14 sacks and 24 starts in four NFL seasons.

That's not to say Malik or the Jaguars are doing anything wrong. The former Denver Broncos defensive lineman was always going to be a high-priced free agent this year and it was the Jaguars who got a deal done. He was the most expensive free agent for the Jaguars this year and he brings a ton of value to a defensive line that got very little pressure on opposing quarterbacks last year. He is the best non-secondary player on that defense and he might out-play Tashaun Gipson in terms of impact and directly contributing to turnovers and wins.

It stands to reason that with $42 million in guaranteed money between now and 2018 -- the most of any Jaguars player on the roster -- he has the most player-friendly contract.

Do you think anyone else on the Jaguars has a contract that's more tilted towards them than the team?