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Jaguars should be much improved at running back

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing on the offensive side of the ball, we're going to look at what should be a much improved backfield for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars struggled to run the football last season, though they did have some flashes of what it could be, but it wasn't good enough and too much was placed on the shoulders of second year quarterback Blake Bortles. It wasn't necessarily the lack of talent, but the addition of Chris Ivory to the backfield should be a big help.

Running back:

Returning player(s): T.J. Yeldon, Denard Robinson, Jonas Gray, Corey Grant
New player(s): Chris Ivory, Joe Banyard
Outgoing player(s): Toby Gerhart
Bubble player(s): Denard Robinson, Jonas Gray, Corey Grant, Joe Banyard

The top two backs for the Jaguars are obviously going to be Ivory and Yeldon. Yeldon had a decent season as a rookie, all things considered, but adding someone like Ivory who he can split carries with should keep both more fresh and in turn more productive. Ivory adds a bruising, physical back to the lineup and could be the answer the on goal line the team was hoping they had with Toby Gerhart. This will allow Yeldon to settle in on third downs and to do something like rotate series with Ivory.

After those two, there's a bit of a question. I tend to think Denard Robinson will make the team another year, because he's kind of Dave Caldwell's "project" from his first draft class. I do think Robinson is salvageable as a change of pace back and kick returner, but he's obviously got to cut out the fumbling. Robinson is also a good gunner on kick coverage, so that's one area he's likely going to make the team on.

After those three is the big question. This is one of the few positions I think an undrafted rookie has a chance to steal a spot, as I think the team will only keep four backs once again. The battle will be between Banyard, Grant and Gray, which of the three I think I would pick Grant because of his pure speed. I know most people only remember the fumble in Tampa Bay with Grant, which wasn't really his fault, but there's a reason his nickname at Auburn was Taillights.

As for Banyard I don't really know anything about him and Jonas Gray I think is a bit redundant to Chris Ivory. I know there is some weird cult following for Jonas Gray because he literally had just that one 23-yard run, but I would tend to think for the final running back spot the team values someone with a unique ability or special teams merit.