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Weekly observations: Allen Hurns deal better than you think

Weekly observations from Hank include talk about Allen Hurns, Allen Hurns, and Allen Hurns!

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Another week in the NFL offseason, another week of NFL observations.

1. Hurns deserves every penny and it isn't even a question

Allen Hurns is the best homegrown contract the Jaguars have given out in a long time. Nobody has had a better story, has worked harder, or makes more sense to pay.

Did the Jaguars NEED pay Hurns right now? No. Does that really matter? Nope. They have the money and when the time is right to reward somebody that deserves it as much as Hurns, just go ahead and do it.

2. Comparing Hurns' deal to other receivers

When the number of $10 million a year for Hurns came out, the takes were hot. Very hot. And most of them were also bad.

"He almost got Maclin money!"

Well, last year Maclin had only 57 more yards and 2 touchdowns less than Hurns despite catching 23 more passes. Maclin also has no other wide receiver on his team he has to compete with for targets like Hurns does in Robinson.

Marvin Jones got a deal similar to Hurns, but he had 215 fewer yards and 6 less touchdowns than Hurns last season... despite catching one more pass than Hurns did. Jones has never even come within 100 yards of a 1,000-yard season in his career.

Mohamed Sanu also got paid close money to Hurns. Sanu has caught one more touchdown in his entire four-year career than Hurns caught last year alone and has only 85 more career yards despite playing for two more seasons.

Hurns got a slightly better deal than Randall Cobb did, but when you compare their first two years, Hurns trumps him handily. In that span, Cobb had 105 catches for 1,329 yards and nine touchdowns, while Hurns had 115 catches for 1,708 yards and 16 touchdowns.

That is seven more touchdowns and 379 more yards on only 10 more catches, despite playing without an otherworldly quarterback like Aaron Rodgers.

3. What Hurns' contract means for other young Jaguars

Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson are going to get massive deals sometime down the road. If people were upset about Hurns' deal, they have no idea what it is coming to them. I expect Robinson to get a Dez Bryant-like deal whenever his time comes and Blake's deal will be... very, very expensive. As it should be.

4. Fitzpatrick is in the early lead for contract negotiations that were hanxed the most

Ryan Fitzpatrick has gotten into a deadlock with the New York Jets despite having the same amount of leverage with them as you and I do.

No other team has a room for a starter or has even shown interest in him. Whatever the Jets offer him is the most he is going to get. It is amazing that he has continued to turn down their offers.

5. Weekly follow suggestion

Luke Bowanko (@Lbow70) needs all of the Twitter support he can get after the #bodying by a minor league baseball team. I still love you, Bo.