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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Injuries will determine defensive success

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries will determine success for Jacksonville Jaguars' defense in 2016 -
The defensive unit of the Jacksonville Jaguars limited the success that the team was able to achieve in 2015. If a few key players can return from injuries and perform at a high level, things may turn around.

Should Myles Jack play the OTTO linebacker position? -
The Jaguars play a hybrid 4-3 defensive front which has some of the same linebacker principals, but the traditional strongside linebacker in the Jaguars scheme is a little bit different and instead of being referred to as an "SLB", it's called an "OTTO". And that has made people really confused as to what it is. Before we look at what the OTTO is, we should look at what an SLB is in a 4-3 front, because the OTTO is a spin off of that position.

Ryan Davis throws out first pitch at Jacksonville Suns game -
The Jaguars' defender threw out the first pitch at Wednesday's Jacksonville Suns game and... well, at least he didn't 50 Cent it.