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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Allen Robinson contract extension should be next

The Jaguars can't pay everyone, but ESPN thinks Allen Robinson should get the next payday.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson should be next for contract extension -
It’s funny. A year ago there were questions about whether the Jaguars’ roster was any better than it was when Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley took over. The Jaguars aren’t concerned about keeping all the talented players they’ve drafted or signed in free agency because they already know it’s impossible. You can’t pay everyone, and that means making some tough choices.

Running backs should be much improved in 2016 -
The Jaguars struggled to run the football last season, though they did have some flashes of what it could be, but it wasn't good enough and too much was placed on the shoulders of second year quarterback Blake Bortles.

How Allen Hurns' contract came together so quickly -
It took the Jacksonville Jaguars and receiver Allen Hurns only five weeks to come up with the four-year contract extension the receiver signed on Thursday evening. The hardest part for Hurns may have been the hour between agreeing to the deal and finally signing the paperwork.