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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Doug Marrone trying to rap is everything

Doug Marrone is not a bad football coach. As a rapper and singer? Well...

Doug Marrone rapping at Jacksonville Jaguars OTAs is everything -
He's foaming at the mouth. They honestly might want to get him checked for rabies. If you'd like to watch the full video, which somehow has even more of this, you can look here.

Dan Skuta is on the roster bubble -
Dan Skuta is a talented defensive player, don't get me wrong -- but after an offseason filled with new defensive acquisitions for the Jaguars and a shaky position change for the seven year veteran, I think he might not make the final roster.

Tashaun Gipson is the most important addition to the new defense -
The signing of defensive tackle Malik Jackson to an $86.1 million contract was the biggest and boldest move the Jacksonville Jaguars made in the offseason to help improve their defense. Drafting cornerback Jalen Ramsey fifth overall was significant, too. But signing free safety Tashaun Gipson was the most important move the Jaguars made in the past six months. For the first time in coach Gus Bradley’s tenure, he finally has a free safety capable of playing the position the way it’s designed, and that changes the dynamic of the entire defense.