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What's the #nicest moment in Jaguars history?

When thinking about the #nice moments in Jacksonville Jaguars history, you've got to go to the beginning to find most of them. Morten Andersen's miss to get the Jaguars to the playoffs, the playoff wins in Buffalo and Denver, and more.

But for my money, I've got to their biggest victory in franchise history -- in the playoffs no less. And there's no better moment from this game than Dan Marino getting sacked, Tony Brackens recovering the football, dancing for a solid three or four seconds, and then being literally pushed into the end zone by Bryce Paup who was the only player on the field who knew this was still a live ball.

Fred Taylor's 90-yard run where he made every Dolphins defender miss is also up there. But I cannot deny a dancing Tony Brackens his rightful place here. (You can watch Taylor's run and the full highlights from the Jaguars-Dolphins playoff game here.)

What do you think? What's the #nicest moment in Jaguars history to you?