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Allen Hurns contract numbers shake out a little different than you think

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars made news last week by signing third-year wide receiver Allen Hurns to a massive four-year, $40 million contract. The number, which averages out to $10 million average per year, with $20 million in guaranteed money seemed like a big deal. The details of the contract have started to trickle out, and the deal is a lot more tame than many people realize and broke down how I explained it probably would on Twitter last week.

The deal is essentially a total of five years with $16 million guaranteed upon signing. The reported $20 million in guaranteed money is the total guarantee if certain qualifiers are met. The total of the $16 million guaranteed is broken up through out the first two season of the deal in the form of a $5 million guaranteed salary and $4 million roster bonus in 2016, plus a guaranteed salary of $7 million in 2017. After the 2017 season, the Jaguars will carry no dead money if for some crazy reason they decide they want to release or trade Hurns.

Here's how it breaks down, per Spotrac.


EDIT: Obviously the cap hit in 2020 is $9,550,000.00 but I missed a zero and don't want to re-make the image.

The other $4 million in potential guaranteed money for Hurns comes in the form of his 2018 salary during the league year. I would guess that it means that if he's on the Jaguars roster by a certain day of the 2018 league year, it means that $4 million of his salary is guaranteed. Similar to a roster bonus, which it might actually be, but I don't have the full details of the deal yet.

For all intents and purposes though, as the Jaguars have done with a lot of their contracts under David Caldwell, the Hurns deal is basically a two-year deal for $16 million guaranteed with a series of three one-year deals.

Realistically, it's a five-year deal for $40 million with $16 million guaranteed. Not quite the $10 million average per year, but still a well earned deal for Allen Hurns.