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How will the 'bubble' quarterbacks make the Jaguars roster?

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There are two bubble players at the quarterback position for the Jaguars, but in what situation can one of them make the team?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback position is pretty much set, with third-year quarterback Blake Bortles entrenched as the starter and Chad Henne as the veteran backup, much to the chagrin of some fans. The team did spend a late round NFL Draft pick in a quarterback however, in former Arkansas man Brandon Allen. Being a later round draft pick doesn't necessarily guarantee a roster spot on the Jaguars now, especially at the quarterback position. The team also signed former USC and Hawaii quarterback Max Wittek, who probably has less of a chance than Allen to make the roster.

So how can one of these bubble players make the roster?

Brandon Allen

Who he is: A surprise sixth round pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2016 NFL Draft, Allen was a three-year starter for Arkansas and slowly progressed each season, finishing off his career throwing for over 3,000 yards with 30 touchdowns and only eight interceptions. He's viewed by most as a potential long term backup quarterback, lacking a lot of what NFL teams look for in a quarterback physically, but if he shows he can hold a back up job and keep you afloat for a game or two, than it's a successful pick for the Jaguars.

How to make the roster: Make yourself un-cuttable with your play in training camp and preseason. Make the coaches and David Caldwell think a team will claim you on waivers.

Chance he makes the roster: The Jaguars have hinted at the idea of keeping three quarterbacks, but personally I don't see the team going through with it. I don't feel Allen would be claimed if cut on the last day of waivers and I think you can successfully stash him on the practice squad for a season. I think the team would be much better off keeping an extra linebacker or defensive lineman this season than a rookie third quarterback.

Max Wittek

Who he is: Wittek played his first few seasons for USC, but played would be a loose term as he failed to beat out Cody Kessler for the starting job when Matt Barkley left and eventually ended up transferring from USC to Hawaii. He failed to make the most of his chance as the starter for Hawaii and dealt with injuries that cut his season short. He's a "tools" guy in the scouting community, but he's never really translated that on the field thus far.

How to make the roster: Pray. Get some photographs of someone.

Chance he makes the roster: Virtually none. I don't think the Jaguars keep three quarterbacks already, so Wittek would have to blow the doors off both Brandon Allen and the coaching staff in training camp and the preseason.