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Jacksonville Jaguars Q&A: Where are the teal uniforms?

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It's almost Friday! Let's answer some questions. Who should start at left guard? 1,000 yards for Marqise Lee? Can Gus Bradley finally turn things around?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Corey from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Will the Jaguars play more man-to-man since we have the cornerbacks for it? Or will we play more zone?

A: We could see more 1v1-type looks in 2016, especially since new defensive coordinator Todd Wash has Jalen Ramsey and Davon House at his disposal. I wouldn't expect the Jaguars to stray much from their base-zone coverage, though. I just hope it doesn't look like this.

Ben from Richmond, VA

Q: How come Patrick Omameh's name isn't thrown around as a potential starter at left guard? He has started more recently than Mackenzy Bernadeau and he played relatively solid last year as well. He's young too. Just not sure why he's written off as just another guy when his starting pedigree is one of the highest on the team?

A: Let's table what you and I think for a moment. Have you heard the coaching staff talk about Omameh this summer? They've mentioned Bernadeau repeatedly as a guy challenging for a starting spot and at the very least as a good swing backup. Omameh hasn't been mentioned once since signing in June. I don't think Omameh is a legitimate contender for the left guard position and, honestly, I'd be shocked if he makes the final roster.

Grant from Clermont, FL

Q: Do the Jaguars have a contract with Nike that requires us to keep those embarrassing uniforms for a specific period of time? Going back a bit in style with the old mirrored helmet would be a good start. And how about a little more teal? Too many all-black uniforms now.

A: The NFL standard is at least five years between uniform changes. Slight alterations are sometimes allowed, though. Still -€-” I'd get used to the Jaguars' current uniforms. The team is working to establish a lasting identity. Teal is a special color for the team and the fans, but the Jaguars seem committed to exploring other expanses of their color palette.

Mark from Merced, CA

Q: Obviously the defense will need to be much improved and they've done a lot to make that happen, but would you still say that this team's playoff chances rest on Bortles' shoulders?

A: No matter how good this defense becomes, the Jaguars will live and die by how well Bortles plays.

IronNole form Huntersville, NC

Q: In your view, which record is more likely for 2016 and why? 5-11 or 11-5? Also who is more likely for rookie of the year consideration -€”- Myles Jack or Jalen Ramsey?

A: I think the Jaguars win more than eight games next year, so they'll be closer to 11 wins than five. I've raised my expectations with Shad Khan being so vocal about raising his this week and I think this team has been built masterfully by general manager Dave Caldwell. Todd Wash as the defensive coordinator has grown on me over the last few months and I think he'll do better than I originally thought. And I think Chris Ivory will help the offense more than we know.

Colt from Pittsburgh, PA

Q: What running backs do you think make the final roster? Aside from TJ and Chris obviously. I'd really like to see Corey Grant have a great camp and preseason and give Denard competition.

A: Chris Ivory, T.J. Yeldon, Denard Robinson, and Corey Grant.

Alan from Standish, ME

Q: I have a few over/under bets for you. Dante Fowler: 10 sacks, Tashaun Gipson: 7 interceptions, Marqise Lee: 1,000 yards receiving, and Marcedes Lewis: 20 catches.

A: I'd be shocked if any of those are overs. Hell, the Marcedes one is the only bet I'd feel safe coming half-true.

Anthony from Camillus, NY

Q: If the Jaguars were to make a splashy trade before training camp, who do you think would be on the move from Jacksonville?

A: Demetrius McCray or Luke Joeckel.

Michael from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is there going to be any room in the offense for Shoelace to be a factor? In my opinion, he has too much talent and speed to be a mere special teams player.

A: I actually do think Denard Robinson will find room in the Jaguars' 2016 offense. It won't be much room, considering he has two very capable backs in front of him. Most might consider Robinson an afterthought now, but Robinson has been the guy before. Roster injuries and unusual circumstances have a funny way of paving a path to relevancy for afterthought players. I believe Robinson will get his opportunities in 2016.

Tekkenismyworld from Houston, TX

Q: Do you think Gus Bradley can finally turn things around with the roster he has now? What's your prediction for him?

A: I think Gus Bradley needs to turn things around. Bradley's roster is good. The surface-level talent is good. The progress made by the offense last year was good. The defensive renovation looks good. Personally, I don't think the Jaguars will be great this year. But I think they can be... good. Shad Khan expects results this season, and I think Gus Bradley can field a visibly improved team. So yes -- I believe Gus Bradley will turn a corner this year. It might not be as much of a leap as most fans want, but I believe it will be a jump nonetheless. I think Bradley will be back in 2017.