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Dan Skuta, an apology

I suck, and I am sorry.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

I would like to take this space and opportunity to make a sincere apology that I hope does not fall on deaf ears, but I understand if it does. I would also like to note that I decided to write this on my own volition.

When Dan Skuta was accused of battery in late June, I wrote that, if the allegations were true, that Skuta should be punished.

I stand by that principle (If anyone is proven to hit a woman, get them out of here.) I understand however, that I acted inappropriately. I did not rush to a judgment, but I did rush to make a point. This is not much better considering the sensitivity of the subject and the timing.The tone of my writing was inappropriate. I did not get my point across as well as I should have. I should have just let it go and taking longer to think out my point and make it clear.

I now have a better understanding of when is a right time to voice an opinion and when is a right time to let things die down first. I was in too much of a hurry to make my stance clear, and that was a mistake. And for that, I want to apologize.

To Skuta, to the readers, to everybody. I was wrong.

I understand completely that my reputation as a Big Cat Country writer will now always have an asterisk next to it, but that is something that was brought upon by my own doing. I will try to do better. I really will. I am sorry. Thank you for hearing me out.