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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Expectations for 2015 draft class

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

What are the expectations for Year 2 players on the Jacksonville Jaguars? -
Middle child syndrome exists in the NFL. Sometimes, it's easy to forget about a player, coach or draft class between the success of the past and the promise of the future. However, while this year's draft class and 2014's foundation-setting haul have been the talk of the offseason (understandably so), the group in the middle will have a very large impact on the Jaguars' success this season as well.

Bortles reaches out to other quarterbacks for advice -
The Jaguars young quarterback is reaching out to some of the top quarterbacks in the NFL to figure out how he can take that next step.

Do the Jaguars have the best young passing attack in the NFL? -
The biggest reward of the Jaguars’ slow rebuild so far has been the promising youth movement in the passing attack. Here’s why Blake Bortles & Co. are here to stay.