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How will the 'bubble' wide receivers make the Jaguars roster?

The top end of the Jaguars receiving corps is set, but who's going to push for that final receiver position?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver group is arguably the strongest group on the team and has one of the better duos in the NFL in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. Behind those two you have Marqise Lee, who needs to stay healthy, and second-year receiver Rashad Greene. Those four are locked and set in the roster, but what about the rest?

I don't know if the Jaguars are going to keep five or six wide receivers, but traditionally they tend to keep five unless there's an injury and I don't foresee them straying from that tradition this offseason, especially with the potential to go heavy somewhere like the defensive line. That means the final receiver spot is going to have to be someone who can first and foremost contribute on special teams, as well as step in the rotation if there are some injuries.

Bryan Walters

Who he is: The perennial "JAG" (Just A Guy, for those unfamiliar), Walters has somehow become cult hero to a lot of Jaguars fans for his play last season, which in reality was mediocre at best. He was forced into action when the team had injuries to both Lee in the offseason and Greene in the second game of the year. He was a short pass outlet and mainly brought in to be someone to fair catch reliably on punts, but once the receiver group returned to full healthWalters found himself not even active on game day.

How to make the roster: Show that he's better than someone at something. Right now he's kind of an average at all trades, good at none guy. He doesn't play special teams outside of returning punts and in that regard, he's redundant with Rashad Greene.

Arrelious Benn

Who he is: A former big time recruit and playmaker at Illinois, Benn was a second round pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but his career was stalled out by a slew of injuries, even after being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. Benn seemed to be playing himself on to the Jaguars roster last offseason, as all that talent that got him drafted is still there, but once again he was derailed by injuries.

How to make the roster: Do what you did last offseason and stay healthy. Benn can play inside and out, plus return kicks and play special teams.

Shaq Evans

Who he is: A productive receiver for UCLA in college, Evans was a fourth round pick of the New York Jets in 2014, but didn't play a single snap for the team as he injured his shoulder before the season. He was signed to the Jaguars practice squad last year.

How to make the roster: Show that you have value on special teams.

Rashad Lawrence

Who he is: Lawrence played his college football at Northwestern and was on the Jaguars active roster for a bit last season after some injuries.

How to make the roster: Blow away everyone in training camp and the preseason, though it seems that Lawrence will be vying for a practice squad position.

Rasheed Bailey

Who he is: An ultra productive Division III receiver who tried to make the Philadelphia Eagles last season and ended up almost signing for the BC Lions in the CFL. Ended up on the Jaguars practice squad a few weeks later, however.

How to make the roster: Like Lawrence, Bailey will likely be vying for a practice squad position.