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Jacksonville Jaguars Q&A: Changes on defense?

It's Thursday! Let's answer some questions. What does the future hold for Johnathan Cyprien? Will the Jaguars trade Joeckel? Can Carson Tinker live up to the hype?

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Jacob from Saint Johns, FL

Q: What does the future hold for Johnathan Cyprien? Does BCC believe he will be the starting SS over James Sample? What does he need to do to earn a second contract with the Jags? Is he capable of it?

A: I do believe that he will be the starting SS over Sample, based more so off the staff's familiariaty with him and his experience in the scheme.

As for the 2nd part of the question, that is still to be determined. He needs to have a much more consistent year by cutting down on the mistakes and become more of a playmaker than he has shown to be in the past, for one.

Javal from Margate, FL

Q: How many yards do you think Bortles will throw for? How many yards do you predict AR15/Hurns/JT/Lee or Greene or Walters will get?

A: Projecting output for the Jaguars' 2016 offense is a tough task. On one hand, it's hard to predict that the passing core -- Bortles, Robinson, and Hurns -- will match their explosive yard totals from last season. On the other hand, the team is still very young and you'd usually expect a group like this to improve in year three. And while there is definitely room for improvement, there's also room for the offense to form a more balanced attack. So you're not going to get any numbers from me. They'd be meaningless. But it's a good topic, and one that will be discussed as training camp gets underway.

Reginald from Sumpter, SC

Q: Why have so many analysts taken the position that Dan Skuta will make this year's 53 man roster with many projecting him as the starting OTTO backer? He has never proven to be an impactful starter in the NFL and did very little to change that opinion last year. Plus, he's 30 and on the downside of a mediocre career. Why wouldn't the Jaguars cut their loses now and go with Ryan Davis and Tyrone Holmes at OTTO?

A: This is a fair question. Skuta battled through injuries in 2015 and had an unproductive year. Still, as the Jaguars continue to evolve their OTTO position, it's anybody's guess what the team's actual plans are going to be at the position this season. You still see Skuta's name mentioned in roster projections because of this. Holmes and Davis are, for the most part, question marks at that LB/DE tweener role. We'll see.

Max from Orlando, FL

Q: BCC, who do you believe will be the first "shocking" cut of the offseason?

A: Honestly, I'm not sure there will be any shocking cuts. One that would surprise a lot of people, however, would be Bryan Walters. Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Rashad Greene, and Marqise Lee are firm locks to make the roster. That leaves eight camp guys -- including Walters and Arrelious Benn -- competing for one final roster spot. Walters is the fan favorite, but I'd keep my eyes open. Every training camp, there's a camp receiver who steals the spotlight. Will someone shine bright enough to snatch that 5th receiver spot? Stay tuned.

Jimmy from Gainesville, FL

Q: Any ideas or rumors about changes to the defense that new defensive coordinator Todd Wash might be planning to make?

A: Rumors? Not really. Todd Wash will likely be a little more aggressive as a play caller than Bob Babich was. Wash excelled in his duty as run game coordinator last season, and will probably try to build on to this success using the new assets that have been placed around him. We'll learn more about Wash's blueprint during training camp.

Jimmy from Jacksonville, FL

Q: More and more it seems as if the writing is on the wall for Kelvin Beachum to start at LT. If the Jags were to trade Joeckel, when might that occur? Before camp, during camp, or during final cuts?

A: During final cuts. Beachum hasn't even been cleared to practice yet, so trading away Joeckel before even seeing what Beachum looks like recovering from injury is a risky gamble.

Downer JagFan from Jacksonville, FL

Q: The Giants have announced that they are putting Tom Coughlin in their Ring of Honor. Should he go into the Pride of the Jaguars too? If so, did the Giants just beat us to the punch in this one?

A: He probably should go into the pride, yeah. But I'd say he probably means more to the Giants franchise right now due to his Super Bowl victories, so it makes sense that they would make it a priority to honor him.

Jake Cooper from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is this the year Carson Tinker takes that next step?

A: We can only hope so.