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How will the 'bubble' tight ends make the Jaguars roster?

The top end of the Jaguars tight end group is set, but will they keep three or four?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to re-sign veteran Marcedes Lewis, we knew the top two tight ends would be, Lewis and last year's prized free agent Julius Thomas. There isn't much question there, as both will play a lot, but the big question is who ends up the depth behind them and how many total tight ends will they keep?

Traditionally most teams keep three tight ends, but the Jaguars haven't been carrying a fullback lately and don't appear to be this season, so keeping a fourth tight end even if just as a block might behoove them. The four players vying for one-to-two roster spots kind of fall in line with either a joker/move tight end or a blocker.

Ben Koyack

Who he is: Koyack played his college football at Notre Dame and had the fun of following up a slew of great tight ends there. He was a Day 3 pick for the Jaguars last season, but ended up on the practice squad. Out of the tight ends vying for the spots, he's the only one who's really a "combo" tight end. He's the kind of jack of all trades, master of none.

How to make the roster: Koyack probably isn't as good a receiver as some of the other guys vying for a spot, so he will need to show himself as an adequate blocker and special teamer.

Nic Jacobs

Who he is: Jacobs signed with the Jaguars a few seasons ago off the New Orleans Saints practice squad. He's a massive tight end who's mostly seen as a blocker and not much of a receiver. If the Jaguars plan to keep four tight ends, he could get the nod even as just a pure blocker.

How to make the roster: Impress the coaches with your blocking and show you're at least usable in the passing game.

Neal Sterling

Who he is: Sterling was a big (thick) fast wide receiver who was ultra productive. The Jaguars drafted him with the idea of making him a joker/move tight end and he spent the last season on the practice squad. He's reportedly looked good as a receiver, but he's still making a position switch.

How to make the roster: Be a force catching the football and don't be a complete liability as a blocker.

Braedon Bowman

Who he is: Bowman played for South Alabama and turned some heads showing off his athleticism at his Pro Day. He's also impressed so far in OTAs and mini camp with his pass catching ability, but he was mostly known for his blocking and special teams play. There's been some talk that Bowman could be a dark horse to make the roster as an H-back type player.

How to make the roster: Continue with what he's done. If he can show value as someone who can play an h-back role, he will have a great shot.