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Is the most 'underrated' Jacksonville Jaguars player Roy Miller?

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Pete Prisco of CBS seems to think that defensive lineman Roy Miller is the Jaguars' most underrated player for the 2016 season.

Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Earlier we took a look at who CBS' Pete Prisco ranked as his most overrated Jacksonville Jaguars player, which I didn't agree with, but when looking at his list for the most underrated player, I couldn't help but nod my head in agreement. The player he chose does a lot of the dirty work that goes unnoticed and is often under-appreciated by fans because it's not flashy, but it's work that needs to be done. In fact, a lot of fans have been trying to cut this player and I'm not entirely sure why, because he's a big cog in what the Jaguars do overall.

So who did he choose?

Roy Miller DT / Jacksonville Jaguars
As simply a run-stuffing nose, he doesn't get a lot of attention. But he was a big reason why the Jaguars were solid against the run last season. He commands the double inside. There is nothing glamorous about the way he plays, but he is a good run defender.

Miller is a big part of why the Jaguars were good against the run last year, because he's a force in the middle of the defensive line and can clog running lanes. As Prisco mentioned, he gets double teamed inside, which often helps letting guys like Sen'Derrick Marks shoot gaps and disrupt in the backfield, which should be something newly signed lineman Malik Jackson will also take advantage of.

The run game, as mentioned, isn't glamorous so it often gets overlooked by fans who may not understand exactly what's going on. Sometimes it appears as if Miller is just standing still and not moving front or back during a run play, so people think he's not doing anything, but in reality that's kind of exactly what you want your nosetackle to do. Eat up space and force the play to where the offense doesn't want it to go.

Who do you think is the most underrated Jaguars player?