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Jaguars viewed Greg Hardy as a 'big end', not a LEO pass rusher

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In a bit of weird news, the Jaguars apparently viewed free agent Greg Hardy as a "big end" in their scheme, not a LEO pass rusher.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars worked out free agent pass rusher Greg Hardy last week over the course of two days, which led to a lot of blow back on social media. It was a bit curious the Jaguars had interest in the free agent, given how they've tried to steer a bit from players with the off the field issues, especially someone with the history and attitude of Hardy. That interest appears to be more odd than we all thought, because the Jaguars viewed Hardy as a rotational big end.

Via Ryan O'Halloran:

Hardy would have projected as a strong-side defensive end (opposite Fowler) and an interior third-down pass rusher.

Everyone knows that I'm against the signing of Greg Hardy in any capacity, full stop. But, for the sake of pointing out just how silly this is, let's entertain the idea. So, not only did the Jaguars work out an unapologetic abuser, but they did so with the idea that he would be a rotational player at the big end position with Jared Odrick, which is primarily a run stopping position first, a pass rushing position second.

I don't get it.

If you're going to subject yourself to that backlash with Hardy even just being worked out, why wouldn't you view him as a pass rusher? Regardless of if he's viewed as a rotational player or not... why would you view him as a big end, outside of his size? He doesn't play like a big end, at least how the Jaguars have the big end play, and that seems like a lot of baggage when for a guy when you have someone as nondescript as Tyson Alualu on the roster who does an adequate job rotating.

I don't  get it.