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Blake Bortles wants to develop consistency on offense early in Jaguars training camp

Blake Bortles is looking for consistency and fast starts from the offense during training camp this season.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars return to the field later this week for the beginning of training camp, which means we're that much closer to actual NFL football being back. Jaguars third-year quarterback Blake Bortles met with the media on Monday to touch on a few things prior to camp and one of the things he's striving for is consistency on offense.

"I think to be able to develop a level of consistency is what we as an offense are focused on," Bortles told reporters. "I thought last year we did some things. The numbers and stuff that we were able to put up, but I didn't think we did it consistently, so being able to do that and executing."

With the additions on the offensive line and in the running game, as long as everything goes as planned, consistency should be something that comes for the Jaguars this season because everything won't be on Bortles shoulders. But, consistency isn't the only thing Bortles wants to get out of training camp.

"Another thing we've talked about as a group and sitting down with Oly (Greg Olson) is we want to start a game the way we usually come out and start the second half," Bortles added. "We seem to be a team that plays two different total halves. So find a way to start whether you have to think about it as being down in the first quarter or whatever mindset you have to take, we need to start the game faster than we did all last year."

Those are two major keys for the Jaguars this season and it's nice to see Bortles focused on those areas for the Jaguars offense as a whole. If the team can start fast, rather than playing catch up, it should translate into more wins.

The Jaguars hit the field again on Friday, July 29th for the start of training camp. For a full schedule of dates open to the public, you can check out our Guide to Jaguars Training Camp.