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Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns remind Jimmy Smith of himself and Keenan McCardell

Former Jaguars wide receiver Jimmy Smith had some interesting comments regarding the team's two current top receivers, Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars history with wide receivers has been a bit rocky, to put it lightly. It's definitely gone through it's peaks and valleys and currently it appears they're headed back towards a peak from a seemingly bottomless valley. Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson have made their mark as a top wide receiver duo in the NFL, both finding themselves on the NFL Top 100 this offseason and Robinson making the Pro Bowl last year.

Former Jaguars wide receiver Jimmy Smith has joined in on the praise, noting they remind him of a certain wide receiver duo in Jaguars history that did a lot of damage early in the franchise's history.

"Those two guys, when you mention their names I got chills because when I think about those guys and I think about two other guys that were before them, that was Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell," the former Jaguars wide receiver told reporters on a conference call on Tuesday. "I have the same feelings about those guys that our fans do. We are all hopeful that these guys are the second coming."

A lot of fans have been calling Hurns and Robinson "Thunder and Lightning 2.0", they're quite a bit different than the originals. Smith was that receiver who could take the top off of a defense and demanded help over the top. He was also a nasty route runner who didn't need to rely on only speed. McCardell on the other hand was the epitome of a chain move, ran precise routes, and worked the holes in the zone to keep drives alive. They were a perfect compliment. As far ans Hurns and Robinson, I think they're kind of a blend of both. Hurns doesn't have the speed, but he can still beat you deep, moreso than McCardell could. Robinson is more the big play threat that Jimmy was, but he's also got some qualities of McCardell in that he can work the middle of the field like a possession receiver.

Smith jokingly halted his enthusiasm however when he got to them breaking his records.

"Let's get it right now, I don't want these guys breaking my records, but I want them to win," Smith said laughing. "I'm sure Keenan feels the same way. I can't wait to get there. I know training camp starts tomorrow. I can't wait to get there and re-connect with the team and embrace these two guys and be a part of their journey. I know Keenan and I feel that we can offer a lot to those guys, as far as encouragement. That is what these young guys need. I'm just really excited about Allen [Robinson] and Hurns about their progress and the success that they have had so far."

The Jaguars report for training camp today, Wednesday July 27. Season ticket holders will be able to watch practice on Thursday and then it will be open to the public on Friday.