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The best (worst?) jokes from the Jaguars roast on Reddit

Reddit users roasted the Jaguars. Oh no.

Reddit users are roasting each NFL team and the Jacksonville Jaguars have not been spared. You can go to Reddit to read the Jaguars roast here. I pulled out a few of the best and worst comments and put them below.

You’ll see a lot of London jokes as well as some references to Shad Khan and Publix. (How do you clown on Publix?)

My condolences to all of the Jags fans who voted Remain.

How many games does Jacksonville have to play in Britain before the NHS will cover Myles Jack's microfracture surgery free of charge?

Jags tickets and the alcohol sold at Everbank are the least expensive in the league. Cheap boos and cheap booze.

The most well known thing about your team is a gif of a confused and disbelieving onlooker.

How does it feel to be the 12th most popular sports franchise in Florida? Heat, Dolphins, Buccaneers, Lightening, Magic, Marlins, Panthers, Gators, Seminoles, Hurricanes, Rays. All of those teams have something in common too.... A championship appearance. Essentially they're a lot like their fans. 21 years old and a huge disappointment

There’s no roast that anyone can make that will hurt as bad as this actual 2012 video that the Jaguars actually tried to catch on. Spoiler alert: Nobody does this.

Do you remember? The 21st night of September. The last time the Jaguars were relevent?

Just the like the middle aged couple next door, the most noteworthy thing the Jaguars have done is install a pool.

What's the difference between the Jacksonville Jaguars and a 2017 Jaguar XE? The Jaguar XE can drive.