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What I'm looking out for at Jaguars training camp

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I'll be out there almost everyday, taking notes and videos of Jaguars training camp. Here are the main things I'll keep my eyes on.

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It's here.

Jaguars training camp has finally arrived, and the fans have never been more anxious than we are right now. The expectations are high, the team is pumped up, and things are getting ready to roll here in Jacksonville.

I'm going to be at almost every day of training camp that's open to the public minus Saturday, July 30th, for work reasons. While I'm there, I will be recording Vines, live streaming team drills (7 v 7's, 11 v 11's, etc.), and tweeting everything you need to know from camp, whether it be a player was injured, an undrafted free agent is making big plays, how the new members of the team are meshing, and so on.

To keep up with my coverage, be sure to follow me on Twitter @zach_goodall.

Anyways, since I'll be out there, I'm going to be focusing on some of the big storylines heading into camp:

The left tackle battle:

The jaguars signed Kelvin Beachum, an all star left tackle from Pittsburgh who had recently torn his ACL, to compete with Luke Joeckel this offseason.

Joeckel really progressed last year in comparison to the season before last, but still struggled with the most important aspect of being a left tackle: strength and power. Beachum was known in Pittsburgh for his strongest attribute: strength and power.

Head coach Gus Bradley hasn't named a starter yet, as camp has only just begun, but he has put Joeckel and Beachum to the test in playing them both at not only left tackle, but also left guard:

Based off of talent alone, I don't see Joeckel winning this battle. Beachum, as well as the team, is confident that his knee is 100% recovered from his ACL tear, so it will be fun to see him push for the starting gig.

How does Marqise Lee look?

After two injury-riddled seasons, Marqise Lee looks to bounce back and be a key component to this offense, and he looked like just that in mini-camp.

Lee claims to be completely healthy, and when I was at mini-camp, he looked just that:

Oh, and he looked pretty damn fast, too.

The hype is as high as it's ever been for Marqise Lee. If he remains healthy, he will certainly be a slot threat for the Jaguars come the regular season.

How quickly is the defense meshing?

This topic is broad, but important none the less.

The Jaguars spent a lot of money in free agency, as well as six draft picks, on rebuilding their defense this offseason. The team looks to have at least four new starters, and maybe even more, as well as solid depth at nearly every position, including Tashaun Gipson at free safety, Malik Jackson at 3-tech defensive tackle, Jalen Ramsey at cornerback, Myles Jack as linebacker, and so on.

The talent is there and there's no way to deny it, but how will the defense mesh as a whole during camp?

Defenses usually don't take as much time as offenses do to build rhythm and become comfortable after a rebuild, but with all of these new acquisitions, it's certainly going to be interesting, let alone fun, to watch this defense harmonize at training camp.


As I said before, I'll be at almost every practice during training camp bringing the fans #content: news, highlights, live streams and more. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up.

Also, if you make it out to camp any of the days, feel free to drop by and say hello. You'll see me recording and taking notes on the fan's side of the fences.