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Observations from Day 2 of training camp

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Zach Goodall was at the second day of Jaguars training camp and he's got some observations.

I made it out to training camp this morning and made sure to record as many Vines and tweet as many bits of info from the practice that I could on both my Twitter handle @zach_goodall and the Big Cat Country handle.

I wrote yesterday about what I was looking for at training camp, and two of the topics were the left tackle competition between Luke Joeckel and Kelvin Beachum, as well as Marqise Lee and if he remained healthy -- and boy were these two topics the headlines of the day.

Marqise Lee held out

Just what you wanted to hear, right?

Marqise Lee was held out of today's practice with a hamstring injury, which is, unfortunately, exactly what everyone expected to hear, as Marqise has dealt with numerous hamstring injuries in the past. This one doesn't seem major, as he entered the field dancing to the practice music and was full of energy, but disappointing none the less.

Head coach Gus Bradley said "You know what, it is a mild hamstring sprain. So he was out here, you saw him jogging around. It's not going to be for an extended period of time, but we're going to be cautious with it" when asked about Lee's injury after practice.

I got to speak to Lee after practice while he was signing autographs, and I was sure to bring up the injury:

Zach Goodall: "Hey Marqise, how do you feel today [your hamstring]?"

Marqise Lee: "I feel good man, how are you?"

ZG: "Good, are you going to be back out there [on the field] tomorrow?"

ML: "Yeah, man, for sure."

Lee seems confident that he will be fine, and he certainly didn't seem to be in pain today. As Bradley said, Lee was held out to be cautious.

Left tackle battle

Both Kelvin Beachum and Luke Joeckel split reps at both first team left tackle and first team left guard, as Beachum is still being brought along slow while recovering form his ACL tear.

Since the practice was a non-padded practice, we can't tell much from offensive line play besides who plays on what team, and playing time at tackle and guard was fairly balanced between the two guys. We will know more as we get closer to the preseason and when pads come on.

One note, however, is that, for the second day in a row, Beachum was the first player on the field, stretching out and warming up an hour before the practice started.

Jalen Ramsey limited reps

From what I saw, cornerback Jalen Ramsey did not see the field much during scrimmages, and rather went full speed in individual and defensive back workouts. This is probably precautionary since he has just returned to full speed from his MCL injury, as well as giving him time to watch and learn as a rookie.

However, it was strange to see Ramsey not get many reps since he played first team outside corner and second team nickel corner practically the entire practice. There was no report of any injury for Ramsey, so I'm not worried, but I was puzzled in the decrease of reps.

Most impressive player

Yannick Ngakoue had yet another impressive practice, continuing his trend from mini-camp. For the second day in a row, Ngakoue dropped back in coverage from the edge position of the defensive line and broke up a pass from the QB (yesterday's pass was from Chad Henne, today's with the ones off of Blake Bortles). He nearly intercepted Bortles' pass today.

Play of the day

Arrelious Benn had a spectacular catch off of a tipped pass from Blake Bortles. The 40-50 (ish) yard pass was tipped by cornerback Davon House and Benn made the catch as he fell down, then proceeded to hop up and dance his way into the endzone:

Benn has always been an intriguing player as he is very talented at the wide receiver position, but has struggled with injuries and is battling for a roster spot. If he can stay healthy this preseason, his big play today is certainly going to help his case in why he deserves to make the final roster.

Quote of the day

Gus Bradley: (On what he would have liked to see more of on the field) "Defensively, even more aggressiveness. We have a standard and yesterday we showed them what the standard was. Just to see them come out and get closer to that was cool."