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Jaguars players react to Kevin Durant's decision

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Football players react to basketball news.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a sports team with plenty of cap space -- a luxury that was never enough to place them in the running for the Kevin Durant sweepstakes.

Basketball phenomenon Kevin Durant said goodbye to his Oklahoma City Thunder this morning, choosing instead to join a talent-saturated Golden State Warriors team. It's a bold move -- one that invites as much scrutiny as it does excitement.

It's also a move that transcends the boundaries between professional sports. Plenty of athletes took to twitter this morning to voice their opinions on the controversial decision. Here's what a few Jaguars had to say:

Ryan Davis and Tashaun Gipson shared a similar reaction.

A 16-0 NFL season is extremely hard to achieve -- an 82-0 NBA season is damn-near impossible.

Looks like LeBron got LeBron'd.

Life isn't fair.

I agree with Robinson -- it's hard to criticize Durant's choice. And hell, Russell Westbrook might just be the biggest winner in this situation. It's his team now -- the all-star point guard gets an opportunity to truly take the reigns and let it rip. Westbrook might post a triple-double in every single game.

Allen Hurns was a little more vocal about the decision than his teammates.

Parity? What parity?

2K17 is officially unplayable.

After a while, all of the debate, disgust, and speculation settled down. Even with Fourth of July festivities waiting to steal our attention, big-time sports news can flip a social network on it's head. Twitter is a fantastic place-- a shouting match, of sorts, built for the famous and the ignored.