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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Good, bad, and ugly in Jacksonville

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Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The good, bad, and ugly for the Jacksonville Jaguars -
There are those out there who will wonder how you do a Good, Bad, Ugly and Bizarre for the Jacksonville Jaguars. After all, hasn't it all been bad and ugly? Not quite. It might seem that way lately, but back in the early days of the franchise there was a lot of good -- almost Super Bowl good.

It's okay to have expectations for the Jaguars this year -
Having high expectations for the Jaguars in July is a yearly ritual for some. Others usually laugh at these blind optimists, and usually for good reason. But this year? Expectations are a go.

Jaguars access British players at Loughborough University -
Jacksonville Jaguars are giving 160 British amateur American football players the opportunity to train like a professional. Players will train with current Jaguars coaches, as well as running back Denard Robinson, during the three-day Jaguars Playing Academy, hosted at Loughborough University.