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Jaguars aren't holding Dante Fowler back in training camp

While some thought the Jaguars might ease Dante Fowler, Jr. back into the swing of things, the team has said they won't hold him back.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned with Yannick Ngakoue, the Jaguars will be depending on their young pass rushers this season to improve a near decade long inept pass rush. One of the big players in that will be last year's first round pick, Dante Fowler, Jr. We don't really know what Fowler brings to the table outside of what he did at the University of Florida, because his season literally ended on the first day of rookie mini-camp last year, when he tore his ACL.

So far, so good it looks for Fowler, though.

All signs so far point to Fowler being as advertised, but as we all know, it's without pads so we don't really know anything just yet. One thing we do know for sure though, is Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley isn't holding Fowler back in training camp.

"I think you are seeing him. We are not holding him back right now. You know I think the challenge for us is how long can he play at that level," Bradley said about Fowler on Saturday. "You know can he do that 70 plays- can he do that 50 plays? I think we are trying to get a feel for that and it's his conditioning, but it's really with everybody in the dline. How much can they play and keep our standard? So that is the challenge for him, but I have been impressed with him."

Figuring out each players conditioning, so to speak, will help the Jaguars decide how to work their defensive line rotation during the season. We saw something like this with a player in Sen'Derrick Marks, where he was really effective but the team felt he was overused, so he wasn't as effective as he could have been. It sounds like the team wants to find that threshold to where that can maximize each player's efficiency on the defensive line.