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Jacksonville Jaguars top 25 plays of 2015: Bortles finds Hurns

We're counting down the 25 best plays of 2015. Who made it to No. 10? Allen Hurns finding a small window in the Colts coverage and Blake Bortles being patient enough to get it to him.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 10 days away from their preseason opener against the New York Jets and that means we're counting down the top plays of last season.

Yesterday was Allen Robinson and the sickest route you'll ever see a Jaguars receiver make in the red zone... not to mention a pretty pass from Blake Bortles.

No. 10: Blake Bortles finds Allen Hurns in Indianapolis

On the surface, this play is fairly routine. Blake Bortles uses his mobility to roll out and find a slightly open Allen Hurns. But this touchdown was significant because it showed very early in Bortles' sophomore season that he was maturing in the way he used his mobility, his decision-making, his patience, and Hurns' ability to scramble to find a small window in the Colts' secondary.

Does Hurns' tenacity to get himself open and Bortles' patience against the Colts deserve to be in the top-25 list? Let us know in the comments below!