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3 Jaguars to watch against the Jets

With the Jaguars ready to kickoff the preseason on Thursday night, here's three players to pay attention to.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars kick off the preseason against the New York Jets on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. EST, in their first real live action showing of the 2016 season. We're probably not going to see much of the starting players, and in all honesty we don't really need to. We need to get a good look at some of the depth and new players for the Jaguars, especially the younger guys.

Here are three players I'm going to keep my eye on Thursday evening, excluding the obvious guys, of course.

Nick Marshall

The former Auburn quarterback turned cornerback had a bit of an odd season last year making the transition back to cornerback. Marshall has the size and speed the team looks for in the position, but watching him practice and the preseason you could tell there was something there, but it needed to be refined. He got some game time with injuries last season and it was a bit of a mixed bag, but in all honesty it was more good than bad. At times when he did get beat, he was in good position he just needed to play the ball better. With another offseason under his belt, he's going to be someone to watch because it's very likely he makes the roster.

Sheldon Day- He's hurt you stupid idiot

My guy, as I like to say, has been tearing it up during training camp. He didn't play in last week's scrimmage so we didn't get to see him in full contact, but he should get plenty of playing time in Thursday night's game against the Jets. Day has been a disruptive force on the interior, shooting in the backfield on run plays and rushing the passer. If he can translate that to games, it should help the Jaguars a lot in their defensive line rotation this season.

Rashod Hill

A bit of a random name that I'm sure most people haven't noticed, but I'll just say I've heard good things so he's someone I'm going to pay attention to. He's also a local, playing high school football at Ed White. He played in Southern Miss' wide open passing attack and he's done decent from what I've been told in practices. With the injuries on the left side of the line and Kelvin Beachum not being quite ready, there is a prime chance for someone like Hill to play himself on to the roster.

Who are you paying attention to tonight?