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Jaguars vs. Jets recap: The good, bad, and hanxed it

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars came out of their first 2016 NFL preseason game against the New York Jets relatively unscathed. James Sample had an arm stinger and Aaron Colvin twisted his ankle, but the team avoided any major injuries and ideally that's all you can ask for in the first preseason game.

There were some good things to come out from the game, some things that could be a cause for concern and then there was who Hanxed it, so let's take a look.

The Good

The Jaguars first team offense had two long drives, with only one third down, and scored on both of them. Blake Bortles wasn't under significant pressure for the most part, hit passes down the field and the team ran the ball well. The only third down the team had ended in a sack after a dropped pass that would have resulted in a touchdown. It was a promising look for an offense that needed to show it could start fast and score points early and they did just that.

Also, Allen Robinson.

The Bad

I wouldn't say there was a lot of "bad" on Thursday evening, but for a lack of a better spot to put it, this is where I'll put it. I was kind of unimpressed with the pass rush, overall. It was nice to see Yannick Ngakoue get a hustle sack and just outwork Ryan Clady, but otherwise the defensive line felt kinda "meh" against the pass. It's only Week 1, but I was expecting a bit more out of the defense than what we saw.

Telvin Smith also had back-to-back hiccups in pass coverage that resulted in huge gains over the middle of the field, on what appeared to be literally the same play.

Hanxed it

Kick off coverage was absolutely the worst thing on Thursday night. The team gave up multiple huge returns and nearly two returns for touchdowns. It's Week 1 and the team isn't running out their true special teams unit that will be going on Week 1, but it still happened very early in the game and it's a bit concerning. Realistically, the only reason it appeared close while the starters faced the starters was because huge kick returns were given up. This has to be shored up and shored up before the regular season starts.