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Blake Bortles happy with Jaguars offense balance and fast start

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things the Jacksonville Jaguars offense was focusing on in the offseason was getting off to a fast start, as they were playing catch up far too often last season. In Thursday night's game against the New York Jets, the team did just that with a long scoring drive that took up nearly eight minutes off the clock. You'd have like to see it end up in a touchdown, and it nearly did, but none the less the team had scoring drives on their first two drives.

"Yeah, I thought it was good," Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles said about getting off to a fast start after the game. "We want to come out and be sharp with our operation in and out of the huddle, no mental errors, lining up correctly, shifts and motions, and all that. And, obviously take care of the ball. I thought for the most part it was good. We will correct some things when we get back. Now, we will see how the rest of the night goes."

The offense not only got off to a fast start, but it wasn't just the chunk passing plays like last season. They definitely had those, but they also had a balanced attack overall running the ball with both T.J. Yeldon and free agent signing Chris Ivory. The team rotated back and forth with the two and it seemed to be very effective.

"It was cool to get everyone out there. It was cool to see the run-game flowing like that and that is what we want to do,: Bortles said about the offense's balance. "We want to try to run outside zone and get that rolling and do everything off of that. I think the guys up front did a great job and Chris [Ivory] and TJ [Yeldon] ran the crap out of the ball."

Both starting fast and finding balance were big issues for the team's offense last season, even with all the nice stats and scoring. The problem was they weren't consistent with their offensive explosion and scoring, but if they can be more balanced on offense you should see more drives like this going forward, especially early in the game.