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Jaguars workout Will Beatty, not necessarily a sign of concern with Kelvin Beachum

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars worked out offensive tackle Will Beatty over the weekend, with reports that a contract was offered and other reports of that nothing was imminent. The interest in Beatty, who can play both left and right tackle, seemed to raise a few eyebrows on Twitter with Jaguars fans and made them wonder if it's concern over Kelvin Beachum's recovery process.

Speculation like that is fair, since Beachum has progressed slowly, but ahead of schedule according to Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley. On Saturday, Bradley was asked if he was concerned with Beachum's progress so far.

"Beachum had another good day today. We went through two days of individual. I know just from my quick conversations, they thought he did well again," Bradley said. "I can tell with his spirit and where he's at, he feels the progress being made. Now, hopefully it's rapid."

While we're still a few weeks out from the start of the regular season, naturally fans will get impatient with the progress of who is supposed to be their starting left tackle, but more likely the injury to Josh Wells exacerbated the concerns with overall depth on the offensive line. Because of that injury, Luke Joeckel couldn't afford to take extra reps at left guard in last Thursday's game against the New York Jets, because they need him to play left tackle while both Josh Wells and Kelvin Beachum are out.

In my opinion, that's more likely where the interest in Beatty comes in.

"I think for us, I'm sure there's a lot of speculation with what's going on, but we have two offensive linemen out, and we're always going to compete, always bring guys in and just keep our options open," Bradley told reporters on Saturday when he was asked about the Beatty workout. "If something comes up later on in training camp, or after preseason, we just want to make sure we have all of our options open, so it was just more of a workout."

I'm not sure if the Jaguars will end up signing Beatty, but it certainly wouldn't be a bad move if they did, regardless of the status of Beachum. Beatty has experience at both tackle positions and for the most part was fine, but like his former teammate Prince Amukamara, had always been saddled with injuries.

We'll know more about Beachum next week, as I'm doubtful he will play in Saturday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but then again I never expected him to play until Week 3 of the preseason.