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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: OTTO linebacker 'totally different' under Todd Wash

Bob Babich and Todd Wash are very different in many ways when it comes to being a defensive coordinator -- and how they look at the OTTO linebacker is one of them.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jaguars preparation for Otto linebacker position 'totally different' under Wash -
The Jaguars' Otto linebacker position has been a difficult spot to figure out. Since the role clearly mixes responsibilities designated for outside linebackers in both 3-4 and 4-3 fronts, it has been a pretty hard position to fill for Jacksonville.

Stop worrying about Jalen Ramsey, people -
The Jacksonville Jaguars held first round draft pick Jalen Ramsey out of last Thursday's preseason game against the New York Jets, to a big surprise. The team also held Ramsey out of practice for precautionary reasons over the weekend and Ramsey declined to comment to the media about the situation. This, of course, has led to panic over the status of the cornerback's knee and if he'll be ready to go for the season. He'll be fine.

Jason Myers becoming better kicker with the help of... golf? -
Jason Myers knew he hit it pure. Everything felt in sync. His plant leg. His shoulders. His hips. His right leg. The contact with the football. The follow-through. It just felt ... perfect.