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2016 Jaguars training camp: Exclusive interviews from Day 5

When Day 5 of training camp was over, I was sure to ask Myles Jack, Marqise Lee, Braedon Bowman, and Jordan Tripp some questions.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

After watching and making observations of Day 5 of Jaguars training camp, I was sure to catch up and ask a couple questions with some of the players while they were signing autographs and interacting with fans.

I reached out to linebacker Myles Jack, wide receiver Marqise Lee, tight end Braedon Bowman, and linebacker Jordan Tripp on various topics, and they were all in on answering a couple questions.

Myles Jack

  • (When asked about how he is grasping the playbook): "Just day by day, it's coming together better and better. You know, I mean it's making more sense. I feel like I'm getting a better grasp every day and I just keep asking guys' questions and everything. I feel like I'm coming along pretty good."
  • (When asked about how comfortable he is in pass coverage in comparison to run defense): "Pass coverage, I feel more confident in the pass coverage than my run [defense], I definitely have to tighten up on my fits. I feel like I've got to get better at that, but today I had a better day today on my run fits, so you know I'm just trying to bring it all together, and it's a process but it'll all come together."

  • (When asked about who his biggest role model has been on the field so far): "It's really been that whole LB group, they've all taken me under their wing, and they're bringing me along. It's actually kind of cool just having them all jump in and teach me different thing and give me their input. It's no one person, you know what I mean, it's every single person, from Poz [Paul Posluszny] to Telvin [Smith] to Jordan Tripp to Hayes [Pullard III], you know everybody's in my corner. It's a good position to be in."

Marqise Lee

  • (When asked about how he feels today after working out on Field 1): "Ah, I feel good today man."
  • (When asked on a timetable for his return to practice): "Nope, I can't tell you. That's all up to the trainers, I feel good though."

Braedon Bowman

  • (When asked how he felt today and how he's clicked with the offense): "I felt pretty good, it's nice coming back from an off day where the players got to rest a little bit and I felt like we were clicking today a little bit."
  • (When asked what team he worked with most today): "I kind of had a mixture after Julius [Thomas] went down for a bit, so we kind of split the reps up with the second and third team."
  • (When asked how he is feeling with his chemistry with the QBs): "Pretty good. I think the further we go, the more chemistry we will have and the more routes we have on air will really get us clicking along."

Jordan Tripp

  • (When asked how he felt today and how things have come along): "Good, you know we just have a lot of things we need to continue to correct, but you know we can do that in the meeting room and practice, and we're definitely taking that step forward."
  • (When asked what position he was getting the most reps at): "A little bit of both [middle linebacker and outside linebacker], you know, it just kind of depends on the day."
  • (When asked how he feels at both positions): "Good, yeah, real good."
  • (When asked how he thinks Myles Jack has been performing): "He's looking great, he's taking big jumps, leaps and bounds, every single day. He works hard, and he's going to be a really good football player."