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Buccaneers vs. Jaguars: Good, bad and Hanxed it

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost again in the preseason, this time on Saturday evening at EverBank Field against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The end result doesn't really matter for the Jaguars, because it's just the preseason, but there were some things we can takeaway from the game. Though, we should always remember that it's still just the preseason so we shouldn't make too much out of anything either way.

The Good

Folks, the Jaguars appear to have a legitimate offense. Sure, their first drive did absolutely nothing being pinned back and starting with a 1st and 21 because of a penalty, but other than than it did very well in the game. Bortles made some good decisions, didn't really get hit and dropped a dime into the endzone for Allen Hurns. The running game looked good once again and there was even a play you can watch Luke Joeckel initially get beat up on the bull rush, but reset and anchor. The ability to do that is what gave Bortles enough time to make the touchdown throw.

I also wanted to give some credit to the Jaguars defense, because while they did have a lot of penalties, for all intents and purposes they completely shut out the Buccaneers first team offense. Jameis Winston went 0-6 with an interception and the only reason the team was close enough to miss a field goal is because their drive was kept alive by penalties. The interior of the defensive line got pressure and made the quarterback move off the spot. If the rookies are going to come along slowly off the edge like we expect, that's going to be what saves them, the pressure from Malik Jackson and Sen'Derrick Marks.

Oh, also Jalen Ramsey.

The Bad

The backup quarterback situation is a bit rough. In a way, Chad Henne is at a huge disadvantage because the talent drop off is pretty steep when he's in the game. Then again, so is the talent on the defense and that talent drop off doesn't excuse the poor decisions he made on the passes that were intercepted, especially the second one. I don't know how Vernon Hargreaves has been in training camp for the Bucs and it's obvious he's running second team, but Henne made him look like a star.

Then Brandon Allen... Are you guys still worried he will get claimed? I told you so.

Hanxed it

Penalties. Good grief. I know the referees are emphasizing things in the preseason so they're going to be flag happy, but that was a bit over the top. The Jaguars defense were forced to 3-and-out the Bucs offense three times on their opening drive because penalties kept bailing them out. They all came at the worst times too and is something they'll need to shore up prior to the regular season. Giving a team a free reset when you've essentially stopped them can be back breaking when the games matter.