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Jaguars vs. Buccaneers: Breaking down all 11 Blake Bortles pass attempts

In Week 1, Blake Bortles threw just one incompletion and it was a drop from Julius Thomas in the end zone. How was he in Week 2? (Even better, tbh.)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense showed no signs of rust in their preseason opener against the New York Jets as Blake Bortles went 6-for-7 with deep passes, sideline throws, and only one incompletion which wasn’t the young quarterback’s fault at all.

And Week 2 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (somehow) looked even more impressive.

Last year, we started a tradition like no other — charting each and every Blake Bortles pass in the preseason and breaking it down on Vine. With a near flawless performance in Week 1 we thought, “Why stop now?”

(Thanks to @ColeFartley for all the vines.)

Pass #1: 1st-and-15 from JAX6

After a false start by newly signed Mackenzy Bernadeau (lol) the Jaguars were backed up to their own end zone. This drive is a mess from the start and Bortles almost gets himself into trouble throwing into double coverage here. Just run twice and punt away.

Pass #2: 3rd-and-10 from JAX11

So we’re not gonna run twice? Okay. I really like this play design. Spread the field, have Allen Hurns, Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee, Julius Thomas, and T.J. Yeldon lined out wide. Hurns, Thomas, and Yeldon run shallow routes and Bortles goes to his intended target all along in Lee. Unfortunately, it looks like the throw was a bit high for Lee and/or Lee can’t hold on over the middle.

Pass #3: 2nd-and-3 from TB23

Good strong throw for the first down by Bortles to Robinson. Robinson does a great job quickly securing the ball and not letting the Buccaneers defender jostle it loose, which would negate the forward progress and the first down.

Pass #4: 2nd-and-5 from TB14

This was all Yeldon. He’s the better of the two catching the ball out of the backfield when compared to Ivory (although Ivory hasn’t shown himself to be bad by any means so far) and he’ll be a great check down for Bortles this year. Here, Yeldon shows off his speed, turning a first down into a surprising touchdown.

Pass #5: 1st-and-10 from JAX20

Please continue to sprinkle in these plays where Bortles is using his mobility to help the offensive line and get the defense off-balance. This is one where Hurns gets an easy four or five yards.

Pass #6: 3rd-and-6 from JAX24

The Albino Tiger! Great stretch by Lee as he’s being tackled and a last lunge gets him an extra two or three yards. Also, can we talk about Luke Joeckel on the left side of the line, the pick up of the blitz, and Yeldon’s pass protection? Whew.

Pass #7: 1st-and-10 from JAX32

Brent Grimes got one. Go make Miko proud. Great protection by the line here — look at Jermey Parnell on the right side of the line — but it’s just great coverage by Grimes.

Pass #8: 3rd-and-3 from JAX39

The farther I get into this series, the more impressed I am with the offensive line. Look at Luke being a bully. Great improvisation by Bortles and Robinson here as well when the play broke down.

Pass #9: 2nd-and-12 from JAX46

Great decision-making by Bortles here. Blitz is coming, don’t chance it, take the four yards from Robinson over the middle.

Pass #10: 3rd-and-8 from the 50


Pass #11: 2nd-and-1 from TB24

From the offensive line and Joeckel playing as physical as I’ve ever seen them play to Bortles throwing a Favre-esque touchdown to Hurns off his back foot, this play is peak Jaguars.