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Jacksonville Jaguars Q&A: What's Blake Bortles' fantasy outlook?

Fantasy football is starting up soon! We'll try and answer as many of your Jaguars-specific questions during the season as well as we can.

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Mark from Merced, CA

Q: What's the over/under for Blake Bortles this year? We'll set the line at 40 touchdown and 15 interceptions.

A: @MattWaldman and @BeauxJaxson talked about this on the latest episode of  Keep Choppin' Wood. In short, a lot of people talk about "regression" after a team has as productive a season as the Jacksonville Jaguars offense did last year. There's an argument you can make about individual players losing some stats in the box score, but the total sum of the parts will very likely go up, not down, this year. To answer your question, with greater efficiency in the red zone and a slightly better third down conversion rate (as well as a healthy Marqise Lee and Julius Thomas and Allen Hurns not dealing with a groin injury for the latter half of the season) I don't see why Bortles can't get 40 or more touchdowns this year. He had 35 last year. Improving by five more over a 16-game season isn't crazy. As far as interceptions, he'll always throw interceptions. 15 would be a career low for him, so if he gets 15-20 next year, that's totally fine by me... especially if he's getting 40 touchdowns.

Godlyherb from East Arlington, FL

Q: Do you think the offensive line fits more of Chris Ivory style of power run or finesse run style of T.J. Yeldon?

A: I don't think there's an either/or overall with the line, but rather it's going to depend on the game situation. If you're in the middle of the field or you're looking to spread the offense and have a guy who can catch passes out of the backfield, that's Yeldon. If you're looking for short-yardage or possibly a play-action screen pass to take advantage of a team that's heavy on blitz or playing the run, you go with Ivory. This line can block downhill, especially on the right side of the line, and this team can also get downfield, which Luke Joeckel has shown more proficiency for than I expected this preseason. For fantasy purposes, take Yeldon in PPR leagues and Ivory in non-PPR leagues.

Troy from La Crosse, WI

Q: How will this offense do next year? Can we score 26 points or more per game?

A: Better and almost, but no.

Jeff from West Palm Beach, FL

Q: Am I crazy for thinking the Jaguars D/ST could be a sleeper in daily fantasy and head-to-head leagues?

A: Yes, you are crazy. The defense will be improved and will show flashes, but it will also show signs of a team made up of as many as seven new starters all learning how to play together well. Don't expect a lot of sacks and don't expect enough of a bump in interceptions and turnovers overall to warrant picking this unit up. Maybe next year.

Thomas from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Q: Can Allen Robinson be a top-five receiver in this league? Or will the emergence of Chris Ivory mean he gets less touches?

A: First, Robinson is already a top-five receiver in this league. He tied for the league lead in touchdowns and was fifth for yards-per-catch of guys who had 50 receptions or more. He led the league by a wide margin in catches of 20 yards or more and was sixth with 1,400 yards. He's a top-tier receiver in this league. As far as the emergence of Ivory, I think it's more likely the Jaguars offense just produces more overall to accommodate for Ivory's production. I think it's less likely Ivory cuts into Robinson's production.

Gabe from Washington D.C.

Q: Who can we afford to lose less this year: Allen Hurns or Chris Ivory?

A: Allen Hurns.

Mike from Irvine, CA

Q: My wife told me the other night that she would love to see a post with all of Blake Bortles' touchdown passes from last year. Is that something you guys could do ?

A: Our Vine expert, @ColeFartley, has been notified of your request.