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PFF thinks Maurice Jones-Drew is the best Jaguars player of the decade

Who is the best Jaguars player over the past decade? DREEEEWWWWWWW-VAAAALLLLLLL!

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are starting to build one of the best, most exciting offenses in the league. But for a long time, the offensive side of the ball, especially the passing offense, was a wasteland. Byron Leftwich, David Garrard, and Blaine Gabbert were the quarterbacks for the better part of the last 10 years and they were throwing to guys like Reggie Williams, Ernest Wilford, Mike Sims-Walker, and Charles Sharon.

The running game, however, was very good for many of those years and Pro Football Focus named Maurice Jones-Drew as the most talented member of the team over the past decade... and deservedly so.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Maurice Jones-Drew, RB

As good as the options for Indianapolis were, Jacksonville’s were less appealing. The Jaguars have had players hang around for a large part of the decade, but with the team rarely competitive, most of them have not been consistently good over that time. Marcedes Lewis had a case, and had Greg Jones II simply been used more on the field, he may well have earned the decision, but Maurice Jones-Drew was the right choice in the end. MJD played 5,085 snaps for the Jags over the past decade, including his 2007 season in which he was the third-highest-graded RB in the league.

In a few years, we may look back at Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson as better players over the last decade. But right now, Maurice Jones-Drew is the only reason this team was watchable for many, many seasons.