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Full NFL games on YouTube: Jaguars vs. Steelers 2007 AFC Wild Card posted

The NFL has started posting full archived, historical games from the Jaguars on YouTube!

The NFL announced in June that it would be posting three full vintage Jacksonville Jaguars games on YouTube and it looks like the first of those has been officially released.

The 2007 AFC Wild Card game between the Jaguars and the Steelers is up for your viewing pleasure. (The boss won't care that you take a two-and-a-half hour lunch. Promise.)

The three games that the NFL decided to release on YouTube this summer include:

1996 AFC Division Playoff -- Jaguars vs. Broncos (54% of total votes)

2007 AFC wild card -- Jaguars vs. Steelers (29% of total votes)

2006 Week 14 -- Jaguars vs. Colts (8% of total votes)

I still can't, for the life of me, understand why the Jaguars upset of the Bills in the 1996 AFC Wild Card isn't up there. Maybe they have a deal with Jim Kelly to never again let that game see the light of day or something, I don't know.

Happy Friday!