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Kelvin Beachum appears ready to go for the Jaguars at left tackle

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

There was quite a bit that didn't go well for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Sunday night's preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals. One thing that did seem to go rather smoothly however was Kelvin Beachum's return to the football field at left tackle. Beachum had been practicing sparingly as he was recovering from tearing his ACL nearly a year ago and he appeared to be just fine in the 20-some snaps that he played in the game at left tackle.

The Jaguars signed Beachum to a one-year deal with a four-year team option, which if picked up would essentially make it a five-year, $45 million deal. It's a gamble for the Jaguars but a smart one, in that it gives Beachum a year to prove himself coming back from injury and protects the team in case it doesn't happen.

Based on Sunday's preseason game however, so far so good. Beachum played the majority of the first half, starting at left tackle, and wasn't very noticeable outside of a false start penalty when the team was in the redzone. The fact that Beachum wasn't noticeable is a good sign, because it means he wasn't getting beat around the edge or getting bowled over like some other offensive lineman on the team.

There was some concern with Beachum bouncing in and out of practice in training camp, but as was planned from the beginning he started the Week 3 preseason game and I'd be surprised if he played in the preseason finale on Thursday. Beachum does appear ready to start at left tackle on Week 1 however, which was always the plan.