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Dante Fowler asked coaches 'how to slow down and not hit people' in practice

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have now gone through two full padded practice sessions in training camp as they get ready for the annual scrimmage on Friday night at Everbank Field. One of the players who was standing out for the Jaguars defense was Dante Fowler, Jr., and since the pads went on, that hasn't changed very much. Fowler is still turning some heads in training camp, especially in one-on-one drills.

New Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash was asked if they've felt the need to hold Fowler back in practice, to avoid any issues with his knee, and Wash didn't think it was an issue.

"He actually had a question today in meetings about how he can slow down and not hit people, which is a good thing. We love the energy and the effort that he plays with. We're not limiting him at all right now," Wash told reporters on Wednesday. "He goes out and he's physical on stuff. We just have to get him to slow down and play within himself. He tries to do too much at times. He is a little bit of a bull in a china closet at times. That's the type of mental makeup we want on defense. With him and Yannick and how they're going to play - we're very excited about it."

Bull in a china closet is a nice descriptor for Fowler, as a player. I've often described him as not really a speed edge rusher, but a violent rusher. He can beat offensive lineman off the edge at times, but like the clip above, he beats them a lot of the time with violence. I'm still hesitant to get ahead of myself and get too excited, since Fowler has yet to play in a game, but so far all signs are pointing to him being someone that can contribute a significant amount this upcoming season.