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Myles Jack to play weakside linebacker vs. Falcons

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been playing second-round pick Myles Jack at middle linebacker for most of training camp, getting him ready to be the eventual replacement for Paul Posluszny in the middle, but this week against the Atlanta Falcons in the final preseason game, the team has decided to get Jack some reps at the weakside linebacker position.

For anyone paying attention to the things we've been talking about with the team this offseason, this shouldn't be surprising.

"But Alfie, doesn't Telvin Smith play weakside linebacker?"

Why yes, wondering reader, he does.

I've tried to explain to people that the most likely scenario for Jack during his rookie season early on is a sub package player on passing downs, or when the team opts to use a more traditional strongside linebacker. During the sub packages, it's likely that the two linebackers on the field would be Myles Jack and Poz, not Telvin Smith.

Again, this is not what I would do, but it's what the team is likely going to do.

This move by the Jaguars to get Jack reps at weakside linebacker during the final preseason game points to that, as it seems that wanted him to get his legs under him since it's been so long since he actually played in a game, but now they think he's ready to start working in at other spots.

Depending on how Jack looks on Thursday, don't be shocked if you seem him playing some weakside linebacker sooner than later during the regular season.