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Bryan Walters not only will, but should make the Jaguars final roster

In light of the recent takes on whether or not wide receiver Bryan Walters will make the Jaguars final roster this year, I have a strong take: Not only will Walters make the roster, but he needs to.

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

Before I get into it, I want to clarify that I am not a Bryan Walters "Stan". I'm a fan of Walters', but not a holy one. Don't take this piece out of proportion.

However, I'll start this piece off by getting straight to the point: Bryan Walters deserves to make the Jaguars final roster. He's been everything and more that the team has asked him to be.

The argument on whether or not Walters should make the roster has been ongoing for some time, most notably by BCC's own Alfie Crow. I, unlike Alfie, believe Walters should make the final roster, but Alfie has been putting up with Walters "Stans'" for some time now and I can understand where he comes from.

I won't argue with Alfie. That isn't my place. But I'll provide my points as to why he ultimately should make the Jaguars final roster this year.

He's a solid depth receiver

Whether you want to call him "Mr. Reliable" or not, Walters knows how to make plays on the ball. He's a reliable receiver who caught 71.1% of the passes thrown his way last year, ranking 8th in the league in that category among wide receivers.

This stat can be taken lightly however, as a player can have 100% catch rate without difficulty if the ball is only thrown his way minimally, but Walters was targeted 45 times last year -- catching 32 of those passes.

Walters was never higher than the fourth receiver on the depth chart between weeks four and nine last year, and was the fifth receiver when Marqise Lee returned from his injury in week ten. So, for being as far down the depth chart that he was at some points, his production was pretty good.

He's versatile

Not only is Walters a solid depth wide receiver, especially out of the slot, but he can play special teams.

Walters is an experienced punt returner, and although Rashad Greene is the first team punt returner going forward, Walters is a backup worth having around at punt returner. That may sound ridiculous, but the team used Walters as a second returner last year when they felt they needed someone more reliable catching punts, like when he subbed out Nick Marshall in the New York Jets game in November.

He's a great mentor

Although the Jaguars' offense is so explosive, the unit is still incredibly young, especially at wide receiver.

The top four receivers: Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Marqise Lee, and Rashad Greene, are all under 25 years old, with Hurns being the oldest receiver (24; born November 12th, 1991).

Meanwhile, Walters is 28 years old -- young enough to be a play maker on the field, yet experienced enough to mentor the young core of receivers on the team.

The coaches love his grit and knowledge of the playbook, and so does quarterback Blake Bortles. All in all, the team is fond of Walters and knows what he brings to the table.

A tidbit worth knowing: Although the Jaguars still have money to burn next year in cap space, Walters is only making $760,000 this year. Considering all that he brings to the table and the fact that he's making a minimal amount of money, he really offers no negatives when it comes to this season.

My take on Walters' is that he is practically everything we wanted Cecil Shorts III to be in 2014 when Robinson, Hurns, and Lee were all rookies. The team depended on Shorts III to be a mentor for the young guys on and off the field, and although he was a great mentor for the young guys off the field, he failed in his final year with the Jaguars on the field. Walters has yet to disappoint us on the field (granted, he isn't getting as much playing time as Robinson and company, but still played on 44.5% of the teams snaps in 2015), and has been a diamond in the rough for this still-developing wide receiver core.

I view Walters as a player that the team needs, because he offers so much more than he seems to be credited for. The Jaguars are looking for not only skill, but leadership, as they are still a maturing team.

Bryan Walters offers both.