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Jacksonville Jaguars Q&A: How have expectations changed during camp?

Will Luke Joeckel be the starter at left guard? Does Dave Caldwell have any tricks up his sleeve? How have your expectations changed?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Could Sam Ficken make the roster over Jason Myers if he continues to do well in camp and into preseason?

A: Nope.

Gatorboy from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Do you foresee Jalen Ramsey starting at nickle or outside cornerback in Week 1 against the Green Bay Packers? Also, since Myles Jack is better at pass protection than run stopping, where (what position) do you see him making the most impact this season?

A: I think you'll see Jalen Ramsey all over the field. He's practiced inside and outside and been going one-on-one against Allen Robinson. As far as Week 1, I think you'll see him play a little more nickel cornerback but as the season progresses look for Jalen to be the outside cornerback opposite Davon House. Myles Jack's best position is middle linebacker. It allows him more space to show off his athleticism and speed and gives him a chance to showcase his pass protection skills.

Theo from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Q: Do you really think Luke Joeckel will be starting on the offensive line? Even at guard? During OTAs and now at training camp, he is getting beat consistently by our defensive line. If he is not much better than our second option why not trade him?

A: I was in favor of trading Joeckel before training camp, but Mackenzy Bernadeau has not performed very well and that leaves a handful of backups to compete for the left guard position, which is an important position because you've got a new left tackle in Kelvin Beachum and a new center in Brandon Linder. When Beachum missed practice on Wednesday, Joeckel played a lot of guard with the first team so I think the coaches have made up their mind on how the left side of the line is going to shake out.

Richard from Gainesville, FL

Q: I feel like there is one more trick up Caldwell's sleeve before the season starts. Maybe a trade, maybe he picks up someone off the street. If we knew this were to be true, what position addition would you like to see?

A: What I'd like to see is a left guard. What I think is most likely to happen is a veteran defensive end cut during the preseason.

Lee from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Considering he is once again having trouble staying on the field, is there a chance that Marquis Lee doesn't make the 53-man roster?

A: Unless he's traded, there's no way Lee doesn't make the 53-man roster. And I don't see him getting traded.

Mark from Middletown, NJ

Q: Saw that Bjoern Werner was rated higher than Yannick Ngakoue in the new Madden, so who needs to lose their job?

A: Madden gets it right more often than they get it wrong.

Mark from Merced, CA

Q: Do you think Arrelious Benn has a legitimate chance to make the team as a fifth wide receiver?

A: If he stays healthy, he's the best option for the No. 5 receiver on the team.

J. Jackson from Birmingham, AL

Q: With the look and the feel of camp early on, have your expectations for this team changed? If so, for better or worse?

A: There have been two major changes in my expectations: the offensive line is weaker than I thought it'd be and the defense is showing more promise than I thought it would be. I know it's only been a few days of full pads, and I know the defensive line has some freakishly good athletes. But the carousel on the left side of the line is challenging this unit to gel. As far as the defense, I didn't think Jalen Ramsey would be as good as he is, I didn't think Myles Jack would pick up on the defense as fast, and I didn't know Yannick Ngakoue was as athletic as he is.