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Is Todd Wash planning to move Sen'Derrick Marks to big end?

With how deep the Jaguars are at defensive line, could Todd Wash move Sen'Derrick Marks out of his normal 3-tech position?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are deep at defensive line, specifically the interior of their defensive line. Malik Jackson was one of the priciest free agents this offseason, Sheldon Day is showing a ton of promise, Roy Miller and Abry Jones are underrated depth...

And that leaves Sen'Derrick Marks.

Marks typically plays in the 3-tech position where he's lined up on the outside shoulder of the guard. But with so much depth along the interior, Marks could see a small move a little farther outside that could have huge implications for how this defense looks in the fall.

"We’re playing him in the three technique and we’re also playing him at the big end right now outside," defensive coordinator Todd Wash said after practice on Wednesday. "We have to be able to have some guys who are dual-position players and Sen’Derrick’s skill set allows him to play outside also."

"It is a little bit of a transition because it’s totally different, plus we get him outside at the five technique. He has never really done that. You can see the transition. You can see the power. He can play the 4B. We have seen some flash on some edge. It has been a good transition up to this point."

Okay, so what's this all mean?

First, a refresher. Here's what we mean when we say things like 3-tech, 5-tech, or any number-tech. It's simply a designation of where they'll line up. (Thanks to Pro Football Focus for the handy graph.)

Second, Marks is primarily a 3-tech guy. He's on the outside shoulder of the opposing guard. But Malik Jackson is a 3-tech too. He and his $86.1 million aren't going anywhere. Sheldon Day is a 3-tech and he was brought in as a specialist at that position. So, the next best thing is to slide Marks over to the 4B-tech (on the inside shoulder of the tackle) or the 5-tech (heads up on the tackle).

But doesn't Jared Odrick already play the 5-tech?

Yup, but for how long? If Marks is able to show versatility enough to be a solid rotational player at the 3-tech and skill enough to play in Odrick's place at the 5-tech, does that mean Odrick is expendable. We have depth at the 5-tech with Tyson Alualu, Odrick doesn't want to be a guy getting 12-15 snaps a game, and we have a need for a veteran guard or pass rusher.

Go Jaguars.