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Kelvin Beachum misses another Jaguars practice, but it wasn't a setback

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars left tackle Kelvin Beachum missed his second consecutive day of practice on Thursday, and while that might seem worrisome to some fans, the Jaguars have said it has all been part of the plan and they're going to take it careful with Beachum, despite the fact that he's ready and wanting to go.

"No, this was our idea how to do it and go about it," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said on Thursday after practice when he was asked if Beach had a setback. "He has been doing good. He wants to speed it up and we're just kind of staying true to how we got it set up."

All indications so far seem to point to Beachum being the starting left tackle, given the fact that when he's been out of practice the past two days Luke Joeckel has still played left guard, rather than taking reps at offensive tackle. If the competition was as really wide open as some people want you to believe, then one would think Joeckel would be in there at left tackle taking reps, but instead the team has decided to let him continue at left guard to further adjust to playing inside, which is the right move.

"We'll look at it," Bradley said when asked if Beachum would play in the scrimmage on Friday evening. "Now, I will talk to the trainers and see what they think where he is at and we'll go from there. Its nine months and I think initially when we project it we thought that he would miss ten days of training camp and then be ready to go. Well, he started early so our idea was to have this progression now."

As Bradley mentioned, Beachum is already ahead of where they expected him to be when he was signed in free agency a few months ago so sitting out a few practices in the second week shouldn't be a big concern. In reality, the real test will be if he's ready to start next Thursday against the New York Jets in the first preseason game. If he's able to play a few series without any soreness or swelling, than it would seem he's good to go headed into Week 1 of the regular season.