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2016 Jaguars scrimmage at EverBank Field: Date, time, live-stream, and more


Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

This Friday night, the Jacksonville Jaguars will play their annual intra-squad scrimmage at EverBank Field. It’s the first real game action we’ve seen since that Week 17 debacle against the Houston Texans, so we await it eagerly. (Well, it's as close to "real" as you'll get until next Thursday night against

Here’s what you need to know tonight, plus a tracker that will serve you well if you’re not there to watch in real-time.

When: Friday, August 5, 7pm EST kickoff (but gates open at 5:30pm)

Where: EverBank Field, Jacksonville, Florida

What: An intra-squad scrimmage where the Jaguars play against one another. There will be team drills and positional matchups.

Wny: Because Jaguars

Who: Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Malik Jackson, Dante Fowler, Jr., and Jalen Ramsey are all confirmed to be participating.

You can also live-stream the coverage at starting at 6:20pm EST with player warmups and the ever-effervescent J.P. Shadrick.