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Prince Amukamara is the Jaguars unheralded training camp star

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

All the talk of training camp for the Jacksonville Jaguars has naturally revolved around Dante Fowler, Jr. and first round pick Jalen Ramsey. Both are players fans were anticipating on being big players for the team in 2016 and both have shown they're likely to be that for the team, but one player has had an excellent camp and he hasn't been really talked about.

Free agent cornerback Prince Amukamara may prove to be an insane value signing in free agency, if he can translate what he's done in training camp to the regular season and avoid injuries that have plagued him in his NFL career so far.

Amukamara has been rotating with Davon House, Ramsey and Aaron Colvin, but with Colvin serving a suspension for the first four games of the 2016 season, Amukamara has shown he's more than capable of handling a full time role in his absence, which has even allowed the Jaguars to utilize Ramsey in the slot where he can do some other things that fit his talents.

When Amukamara was signed, it was soon as an excellent gamble, since he was always pretty good for the Giants when he was on the field. More than anything, staying on the field was always his problem and what prevented him from being worth the first round pick the Giants spent on him.

If Amukamara can stay healthy this season and prove to be valuable in game, both inside and out, it could potentially lead to another contract and the Jaguars cornerback situation could go from a lot of potential to a very deep group that can rotate all over the field.