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5 questions with The Falcoholic: "I always need a hug"

We sat down with Dave Choate from The Falcoholic to talk football, America, and light bulbs.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

1. How have the Falcons been doing in the preseason so far? I've watched a little bit of Matt Ryan and, well... do you need a hug, Dave?

I always need a hug, so c'mere, you.

I'm not overly worried about what's happened in the preseason thus far, which has involved a decent defensive effort and a consistently cringe-worthy offensive one. That's because it's preseason, and preseason sucks and ultimately almost never points to anything of note. The weaknesses that we've seen are ones we already know about, and the pass rush isn't going to miraculously appear, even if it had looked better in preseason.

That said, Matt Ryan throwing red zone interceptions like it's 2015 again? That'll get the sweats going, regardless of what I think of preseason.

2. If Jaguars fans could only pay attention to one Falcons player on Thursday night, who would it be?

De'Vondre Campbell. The rookie fourth rounder is already telling fans to expect him to be one of the NFL's great players (no, seriously), and is in line for a starting role. He looks fast, physical, and much better than he has any right to be thus far. While he'll have his rough moments in his rookie season, I'm genuinely hopeful that Campbell will turn out to be something special. You should get a pretty decent look at him tonight.

Of course, the Falcons linebackers have been terrible for a couple of years now, so it's not like he can be a downgrade.

3. If there were a position group on the Jaguars that you could take to replace a position group on the Falcons, what would it be?

I wound up needing to think about this one a lot more than I thought I'd need to. I'd trade the receiver group in a heartbeat if not for Julio Jones, and I can't really talk myself into swapping running back or even safety, with the Falcons' young talent there.

I'll go tight end, because going from Jacob Tamme and a third round rookie to Julius Thomas and Marcedes Lewis would probably be a pretty massive upgrade for this passing attack.

God, that's such a lame answer. Everyone's going to yell at me for not saying quarterback.

4. Man, the fourth preseason game is hard to make interesting, huh? Ummm... which Falcons player do you think is most likely to be secretly furious that Colin Kaepernick sat down for the national anthem?

Well, you're looking for someone who is both patriotic and angry, and it should probably be someone who has majestic hair that flies behind him in the same way an eagle flies into a stiff breeze, and he should probably have an extremely American name that sounds kind of like a natural feature combined with something you'd find in a marsh, and he should probably also be stewing a little because he was hurt last season and wants to be great again, just like AMERICA needs to be great again...

It's Brooks Reed. 100% Brooks Reed.

5. What do you believe to be the single greatest achievement in human history?

It is the humble light bulb, because without it, we'd all be going to bed at 7 o'clock instead of answering questions from Jaguars blogs via email.

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