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Jalen Ramsey: "Aaron Rodgers didn't throw my way. Write that."

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars kept it a close game throughout their regular season opener against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday and the biggest reason for that was probably the revamped secondary. Prince Amukamara had a standout game, Davon House let a few passes get completed on him but was overall fine...

And Jalen Ramsey was an absolute beast. In fact, he probably had the best performance of anyone on the defensive side of the ball... and he wasn't afraid to express more opinions about Aaron Rodgers after a week where he challenged the Green Bay quarterback to throw it his way.

Jalen went on to say that Rodgers completed zero passes against him. I remembered him having a great game, but zero completions seemed a little unrealistic.

I went back and watched... and Rodgers threw to Jalen's general vicinity four times, completing two passes. But those two completions came when the secondary was playing zone or letting short passes come underneath so as to limit big plays.

The only two times Rodgers threw it to the receiver Jalen was clearly covering resulted in incompletions. The first was an attempt to Randall Cobb in the end zone on the opening drive and the second was the first play of the fourth quarter on another end zone try to Cobb.

I'm not going to say Jalen Ramsey is Deion Sanders if Deion were better against the run, but I'm not not going to say it.